How to Handle Mold Remediation in Rochester, NY

If you have a serious mold problem in your home,  mold remediation Rochester NY can help. In addition to cleaning up the current mess, you will need to evaluate what you can do to prevent the mold from returning. This is especially important for those who have had repeated issues with mold in their home.

Mold is spread with airborne spores that can cling to a variety of building or decorating materials. You will need to clean every surface that may have become exposed to these spores to ensure that your home is sufficiently cleaned. A mold remediation Rochester NY company can evaluate this risk so that they can provide the proper tools to clean out your mold problem for good.

Determining the Source of the Moisture to Address Mold Problem in Rochester

Until the moisture levels are returned to normal in your home, you will not be able to adequately address your mold problem.

  • Leaks in the foundation or walls that allow moisture to enter your home will need to be sealed
  • Damp areas such as basements or bathrooms may improve with the use of a dehumidifier
  • Improving the insulation or ventilation systems in your home can improve the air quality

In addition to removing the mold in your home, a mold remediation company will do everything they can to prevent the issue from returning. If your home continues to have a moisture problem, the risk of developing a mold problem in the future is higher.

Applying Adequate Mold Remediation Solutions

Once the inspection is completed, our team can help you install practical solutions that will rid the concern that your mold might return later.

  • Old building materials can be replaced with non-porous versions that minimize moisture
  • Household dehumidifiers can be attached to your air conditioning or furnace system
  • Damaged drywall or window seals can be replaced with mold-resistant versions
  • Air purifiers can help remove airborne spores that can cause allergic reactions or illness

Any materials in your home that may be letting moisture and spores in or encouraging them to grow should be replaced. This will help improve the air quality inside your home, keeping a more comfortable temperature in addition to keeping out hazardous materials that can make you ill.

Selecting a Proper Cleaning Mold Remediation Cleaning Method

Our staff will evaluate the type of mold plaguing your home and create the perfect solution to clean it away.

  • Dry heat can be used to kill off spores lingering in damp areas
  • Cleansers containing fungicides will remove spores more effectively than standard cleanser
  • Professionals often use a dry fog that can penetrate every surface of a room for thorough cleaning

A mold remediation company can use professional grade tools to rid your home of the spores. They will also provide you with detergents or cleansers you can use afterward to help prevent the spores from returning. If you have a serious mold problem, call a mold removal Rochester NY company rather than trying to clean it up yourself. This will often spread the spores to other areas of your home, worsening the problem.

If you require mold removal Rochester NY, do not hesitate to call (585) 352-6248 to get assistance with your job.