Donald A. Youst, Jr. 

Certified General Contractor

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Licensed in the state of Florida with Comprehensive Skills and Knowledge Across a Variety of Commercial and Residential Construction Projects in Leadership Role.


40 years as a career construction service business owner with direct skills, knowledge and abilities across every discipline within the skilled trades with an emphasis on environmental & building services.

I am a 3rd generation skilled trades contractor, starting in Rochester, NY. As a laborer working alongside of my grandfather, father and uncles I was trained in multiple building products applications and job site planning. As my level of skills increased, I began learning about principles of managing a contracting business. I learned systems to improve production rates, quality control, safe working conditions and a positive customer experience.

By the time I was 20 years of age the business person in me was ready to launch a new commercial company. I offered coating systems, preparation and application methods to the industrial & commercial markets.

 As a business owner I would continue my education in the commercial construction industry. Always searching for new technologies, products and services to grow our company and most importantly obtain qualified management.

The business was started in 1980 with less than a handful of employees.  Because of the continued professional training and qualified staff the company grew to over 100 employees when I sold to senior management in 2000.

Complex project management. Experienced scoping, specifying, estimating, qualifying, scheduling, reporting and managing complex projects involving environmental site issues; water, fire and wind restoration (including insurance claims); multi-family, student housing and hotel/motel (where displacement of residents/guests is an issue); and medical applications, including hospitals and skilled nursing homes.

Construction management. Diverse construction management experience.  Including industrial, commercial, retail, office, restaurants and residential projects valued at as much as $1M. Skilled at managing subcontractors and guaranteeing a positive customer experience.  Managing issues at the field level to ensure an on-time and on-budget delivery.

Environmental mitigation. Extensive knowledge of all aspects of mold remediation, lead paint abatement, asbestos abatement, indoor air quality and dust control.  Therefore, this knowledge can be used in both commercial and residential projects.

Knowledge how to broker deals with effective communication. I posses leadership skills to manage all levels of people.  I continually collaborate with senior managers to have the ability to work under pressure and handle project stress.  I organize a project effectively, delegate responsibility and solve problems quickly internally and externally.  Therefore, I keep the company moving forward. Successful ensuring a company is profitable – as such, good financial strategies.

Partner with high-level officers. To grow the company, strengthen it and ensure its sustainability.

Represent the company as required. Including attendance of important functions, industry events and public meetings.

Work closely with the accountant, insurance agent, bonding agent, lenders and other professionals to prepare  budgets. Complete risk analysis on potential investments and projects, and advise the management team about risk, operating cost & ROI.

Work closely with Human Resources (HR). regarding hiring practices, payroll and benefit disbursement.

Oversee quality control throughout the company. establishing goals for each department in partnership with management.

Sales Accomplishments:

Selected by Eastman Kodak Co. to be their resident contractor for 15 years. My company was selected out of 10 competitors based on, price, quality control program, safety program, trained labor force, network of experienced sub-contractors and relationship with national suppliers.

Obtained many long-term renewal contracts with industrial Manufacturers. I also had contracts with universities student housing and national retailers by establishing facility maintenance programs.  All of these had  tight shut down schedules to work within.

Awarded multiple reconstruction contracts after natural disasters.  Because of close relationships with suppliers and experienced sub-contractors many of my competitors could not deliver.  Because they had material delays, lack of manpower or could not perform multiple projects at the same time.



President (2003-Present) License No: CGC1506203

Founded and grew a construction services business with offices in Tampa, FL and Rochester, NY.  Specializing in insurance restoration, commercial work, residential remodeling and project management. Oversee overall day-to-day operations of the business.  This includes hiring of employees and managers of each department. As well as developing, planning and implementing overall strategic direction of the company.  All while employing as many as 40 direct hires and regular subcontractors. Monitor employee performance to ensure the quality and integrity of the brand across both locations. Transitioned Rochester operations of the company to the Vice President of Tampa operations.  Most importantly to other existing senior staff in the Tampa Bay area. I am now a permanent Florida resident. 

Select project history and accomplishments:

  • New business development. Identified an under-served niche in general contracting. Providing services on insurance work where there were fewer competitors offering services on clean-up, demolition, dry-out and restoration/reconstruction. A role that proved profitable in markets impacted by volatile weather and climate change.
  • Multi-market marketing. Developed and applied expertise to growing new business across mature markets in the northeast and growing markets in the sunbelt. Consistently maintaining a stable volume of recession-proof business in good years and bad.
  • Project management. On an average day, managed several active construction projects at one time. Consistently delivering customer satisfaction and the highest quality on all jobs.
  • Big ticket. Earned, managed and executed numerous construction contracts valued at as much as $1M.  Each for remodeling of student housing and facilities at local colleges.
  • Supply chain. Built alliances with material suppliers to ensure that the customer received the best value and building products for each job.  Therefore, in all cases negotiating and securing best pricing. 
  • Employee retention. Worked to ensure keeping employees across all positions.  This includes developing a first-of-its-kind employee health and safety training program.  Most importantly offering quality employee benefits.

YOUST CONTRACTING SERVICES, INC. Rochester, NY (Sold company to management team)

President/Owner (1980-2000)

Founded and operated a contracting firm that specialized in commercial/industrial coating systems.  This included interior build outs, lead paint abatement and secondary containments on industrial and commercial projects. Recruited, hired, trained and managed as many as 100 employees.  Also included subcontractors working on as many as a dozen jobs at a time. Sold the business while profitable to the management team consisting of four senior leaders.

Select project history and accomplishments:

  • Enterprise accounts. Selected by Eastman Kodak Company to be their resident contractor for 15 years.  Earning the opportunity based on price, quality control, safety and skilled labor force.  Contracting with experienced sub-contractors and building relationships with national suppliers.
  • Client retention. Earned many long-term renewal contracts.  Mostly with industrial manufacturer’s, universities’ student housing and national retailers.  This was done by establishing facility maintenance programs as well as working within tight shut-down schedules.
  • Insurance work. Awarded many reconstruction contracts after natural disasters.  Always being in good standing with suppliers and experienced sub-contractors often capturing the work when competitors could not.  Competitors experienced material delays, lack of manpower or could not perform multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Innovation. Created new revenue streams by identifying emerging markets.  These included mold remediation, lead paint abatement, insurance restoration, disaster recovery.
  • Community Contributions: Volunteer at non-profits ex: United Way Day of Caring, School of the Holy Childhood building maintenance, Boys & Girls Club annual gala & other events.