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Living in  Florida especially in the hot humid months is prefect conditions for mold spores to grow into colonies. High levels of moisture or humidity is one of 2 elements for mold spores to grow.

Mold spores and mold are part of our Eco-system, and they have been around for a very long time. Some people confuse mold for mildew, or they say I have mold & mildew. Mold & mildew are both from the fungi family, but they are different species. A good balance of indoor air mold spores is the same levels as outdoors.

If you smell an odor or see mold growing you have a moisture problem caused possibly by one of these most common sources:

  • high humidity
  • leaking pipes
  • water coming in from the outside
  • a wet building

Once mold starts to grow and matures, they release spores, the process continues growing & multiplying wherever there are moisture or nutrients and if left for too long you will have a contamination problem. These spores are everywhere there is air. They land on your carpets, drapes, ac/heating units duct work, etc. It is no secret that mold will damage your residence or business interior structure, and it puts your health at risk. Delaying professional cleanup will only make it more costly and require more time to remove the mold contamination that is damaging your property.

The odor you smell could be caused by microbial contamination and the mycotoxins produced by molds. These mold mycotoxins can cause health problems, if the building occupants suspect a mold problem contact Excelaron for a consultation and building examination.

Starting the Process:

We start the process by gathering information of the building, indoor air quality, occupant’s health issues to mention a few of the items we talk about. 

Then we will hire a 3rd party Indoor Environmental company that will take air and surface samples to send to a lab for testing and identification of the mold or mildew.  The indoor environmental company after analyzing the lab information will provide a written report to Excelaron and the building owner. There are different procedures & systems that our professional technicians need to follow when completing a mold remediation project. The report will be a guide for selecting the proper methods for the remediation project. When the work is completed, we have the inspector come back to complete a clearance test to verify that the remediated area is no longer contaminated, and the indoor air quality is no longer a health issue.

Our trained professional team at Excelaron have the experience and systems to remove, clean & disinfect mold damage and restoration services in Tampa Bay. Excelaron has been offering mold remediation services since 2004. We know that the best way to avoid mold related health problems like respiratory illness is to quickly contact Excelaron. Because of the health risks associated with the presence of mold in your building or home, mold remediation should be performed only by properly trained and certified mold remediation and water damage repair experts like Excelaron, Inc.

Mold Removal in Tampa & St Petersburg Since 2004


  • Building examination and history of property
  • Create a detailed estimate of project cost and scope of services
  • Hire a 3rd party local certified and licensed mold assessor / inspector for sampling and testing
  • Receive from the inspector a mold report, review an indoor air quality – mold report and draft a plan of action.
  • Project mapping and safety plan for the building work zone
  • Install protection barriers around contaminated or construction areas
  • Preventive protocols for cross contamination of adjacent areas
  • Set up safe operation of equipment, negative air scrubbers with Hepa filtration, filtered de-humidification units, Hepa vacuums.
  • Remove damaged building materials, detailed cleaning, apply proper EPA approved antimicrobials to eliminate the present mold contamination
  • Continue process until area has the same air quality as the outside conditions
  • Have the mold inspector conduct a clearance test to verify the mold has been remediated and indoor air spore count is less or the same as the outside air