Water Damage Restoration Tampa and St Petersburg

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Excelaron, Inc. (License # CGC1506203)

When you have standing water or notice wet areas that are normally dry, you shouldn’t waste any time contacting Excelaron. Because, waiting will only allow conditions to affect more areas or potentially grow mold. Mold spores need a food source and excessive moisture to begin mold contamination. Most building materials, flooring, furniture, drapes, ventilation, duct work, etc. are prime environments for mold spores to grow when there are high levels of humidity or moisture.

Typically, these events occur with little to no warning, so timing is crucial to hire a local restoration company.  Excelaron’s team is professionally trained and uses proven systems for water removal, drying methods, detailed cleaning & restoring your property and indoor air quality to pre-loss conditions. Excelaron’s technicians follow industry standards.  These proven systems  ensure the proper drying equipment is used to minimize project cost.  We strive to complete the restoration process as quickly as possible.    

Excelaron’s Process:

Before water extraction or drying begins we locate and identify the water source and safety hazards in the project area(s). Once safety hazards are eliminated and the water is stopped to reduce additional damage to the building structure or contents. 

Excelaron will thoroughly examine the water source, estimate duration of time water has been present, temperature and humidity, any odors present and preexisting conditions. Based on the information obtained we will use applicable methods for a category 1,2 or 3 water loss. Excelaron employees have been trained and certified using industry standards to identify water loss conditions. Any type of water loss should be contracted with a local certified, licensed & insured restoration contractor.

Types of water:

  • Category 1 clean water is from a source such as a broken water supply pipe or overflows of bathtub & sink with no contaminants. If there is no odor present and water is not standing for a long period of time.
  • Category 2 water has a level of chemical, physical contamination from sources such as a fish tank, urine overflows, discharge of clothes washers or dishwashers. If there is no odor present and water is not standing for a long period of time.
  • Category 3 water is from an unsanitary source such as flooding, sewers backups, ground water, toilet backups. Category 3 being the most contaminated water loss and because of the health risks in most cases requires occupants to vacate the premises until a through decontamination and cleaning process has been completed.

Excelaron has been working on water loss projects since 2004 on the west coast of Florida. When Hurricane Charley hit the Port Charlotte / Punta Gorda area, we were asked to send a team from Tampa to help our neighbors to the south. Our team was there 4 years completing water damage restoration projects.

Water loss does not have to be caused by a major storm to cause severe damage to the interior and structure of your not to mention your belongings.  Excelaron cannot stress it enough: don’t waste any time if you need water damage restoration!!